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- Mattel has reissued the She-Ra trademark ... Filing Date December 16, 1999. It is on it's forth extension as 0f 2003-05-01
what does that mean?? well it just means the She-Ra "may" be some what in the works for a comeback.
The original trademark was filed October 23, 1984 and canceled November 13, 1991.

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I was the typical boy watching He-man, Voltron, and Transformers. Don't get me wrong, I loved the toys and watched the shows. But I did not get nearly as excited about them as when I first saw She-Ra. I was allowed to get She-Ra since it was He-man's sister...and then I got Glimmer and Angella. Sad thing about my relationship with She-Ra is Jem came out the following year. I ended up trading it all my She-Ra dolls for a Jem doll. The rest is JEM-history. I have recollected She-Ra here and there for the past few years. I'm ready to buy it all ... reasonable priced that is :-)